Yang Shangming

Dr. Yang Shangming, professor-level senior engineer, expert enjoying a special allowance from the State Council, and registered consulting engineer. After 33 years of practice, he serves as the director of the Petro-chemistry, Light Industry & Textile Industry Department of the company. Since May 1991, he has been committed to the consulting in the oil and gas, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, light industry, and textile industry, regarding evaluation, policy, planning, management.

Academic Achievements

Dr. Yang, a well-known domestic petrochemical expert, has participated in the studies of a series of national industrial policies and industry development plans, giving a boost to the development of a batch of million-ton ethylene, ten-million-ton oil refining, and large petrochemical bases.

He has presided over and completed the consulting and evaluation of 3,000 national key projects with an investment of 6 trillion yuan, 170 industrial development plans, 120 major research projects, and 60 policy and consulting achievements.He won three awards for excellent FIDIC project, three outstanding national project consulting achievement awards, and 83 outstanding consulting and research achievement awards granted by CIECC. He has been honored with the titles of outstanding Party member of central enterprises and the first FIDIC China outstanding young consulting engineer.

He has published many papers, including China's Petrochemical Industry, Has a Long Way to Go in Its Transformation and Upgrading, China's Refining Industry Should Accelerate the Pace of Transformation and Upgrading, Review and Prospect of the Development of China’s Petrochemical Industry, the Diversified Pattern of China's Oil Sources and Transportation Has Taken Shape, China's Petrochemical Industry Faces Resources Shortage, Petroleum Resources Should Be Given Priority to the Development of Chemical Industry, Petroleum Becomes the Focus of International Strategic Competition, China's Petroleum Strategic Structure Will be Transformed, China's Road of Seeking Oil Sources, the Integration Development of Oil Refining and Chemical Industry, and Uneven Allocation of China's Crude Oil Resources.

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