CIECC and PCKK Hold a Meeting for Cooperation

On December 18, 2018, a delegation of Pacific Consultants Co. Ltd. (PCKK) headed by Director Mayumi Watanabe visited China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (CIECC). CIECC President Wang An met with the delegation. The Japanese guests were received by CIECC Vice President Dou Hao, together with heads of departments and subsidiaries including the General Office, Business Development Department, Human Resources Department, Research Center, International Business Department, Overseas Economic Cooperation Department, CIECC Supervision Company, and Retired Scientists Association. The two sides made discussions on and alignments for implementing the Agreement on Carrying out Infrastructure Construction Cooperation in a Third Country, and reached consensus in the aspects of the cooperation & alignment mechanism and the staff training plan.


CIECC General Office Director Wang Jinping presided over the meeting. At which Dou made a speech noting that the cooperation between CIECC and PCKK can be traced back to over 20 years ago. During the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to China in October 2018, President Wang An and Chairman Shin Hasegawa signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of their respective companies, including the agreement in the third-party market cooperation framework agreement between the Chinese and Japanese governments and making it the only engineering consulting project agreement amongst the 52 cooperative results of the First China-Japan Market Cooperation Forum. Therefore, the in-depth cooperation between CIECC and PCKK is not only of great significance for the two sides to explore the third-party market, but also is an important part in the history of exchanges between China and Japan. Dou hoped that the meeting may facilitate the implementation of the cooperative agreement. Mayumi Watanabe agreed with Dou, saying that CIECC is an important think tank for the Chinese government to make decisions and occupies a leading position in the upstream process of investment projects (preliminary stage) and the down stream process (project management) in China. PCKK, with engineering design at the core, has advantages in saving project whole lifecycle costs, and is now striving to extend its product chain. Mayumi Watanabe hoped that the two sides can tap their respective comparative strengths for better cooperation.


Pan Xiaomei, Director of CIECC’ Business Development Department, introduced CIECC’ organization chart and main business segments. Wang Yang, Director of the Human Resources, introduced CIECC’ requirements on talent training. Zhao Minhe, CIECC Retired Scientists Association Vice President and former Transportation Department Deputy Director, introduced the case of feasibility study of the reconstruction and extension project of Beijing Capital International Airport, International Business Department Director Wang Ping introduced the case of the whole-process consultation for the Addis Ababa – Djibouti Metro Line Project of Ethiopia, and CIECC Supervision Company Chief Engineer Qiao Feng introduced the case of engineering supervision of the National Stadium in Beijing.


PCKK Globalization Business Unit Director YAMADA KANSE and Deputy Director Shinji Isono introduced the basic information, management system and major project achievements of PCKK. PCKK Social Innovation Business Unit Deputy Director SHITANAGA YUJI introduced the general situation of PPP in Japan and the achievements of PCKK in PPP consultation. They visited CIECC in September last year for the first time and held talks with the Research Center headed by Dr. Li Kaimeng, admired CIECC’s strong capabilities of PPP research and consultation and hoped that the two sides can strengthen PPP business cooperation.


The two sides made heated discussions on the proposals for future activities, reached broad consensus in the aspects of significance, model and contents of the cooperation, and decided to start the cooperative mechanism and start training, etc., so as to make substantial results in third-party market cooperation that can be reported to the Chinese and Japanese governments in 2019.


The two sides agreed that CIECC and PCKK are top engineering consulting organizations in China and Japan, respectively, and third-party market cooperation is of great significance for their respective business innovation and development and promoting China-Japan nongovernmental exchanges. The two sides can not only strengthen cooperation in and bid for investment & financing projects of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), third-country government-invested projects and PPP project, etc., but also give play to the guiding role of engineering consultation in promoting enterprises of the two countries to joint explore the third-party market through consultation, planning and platform setup, coordinate the government departments and investors in the two countries, establish a coordination and alignment mechanism for enterprises of the two countries to jointly develop the third-party market, join hands to carry out pragmatic cooperation between investors, financial institutions and engineering corporations, create new demands for consulting services, and achieve results in substantial cooperation in the field of third-party infrastructure construction.

CIECC and PCKK suggest that the two sides set up a cooperation team as soon as possible, designate members of the team and the contact mechanism, set guidelines, and form the strategic cooperation agreements and proposals of the two sides into specific plans that can be implemented.


The two sides decided to carry out staff training in the near future on the basis of long-term sustainable strategic cooperation. In April and May 2019, CIECC will dispatch a delegation consisting of 15-20 core personnel to PCKK for 10-15 days’ of professional training (the time of classroom learning is not less than 1/3 of the total time of the professional training) and put them to the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs on records, learn from Japanese engineering consulting organizations advanced consulting concepts, theoretical methods and typical cases, particularly the rich experience in PPP/PFI consulting, city planning, smart city, community services, environmental protection, and management consulting, etc. International travelling expenses for training and relevant expenses of the delegation incurred in Japan shall be paid by CIECC. The two sides agreed to explore how to make action plans on further deepening cooperation in the field of human resources according to the demands of the two sides.


Also present at the meeting were leaders and experts including PCKK Subsidiaries Management Department Director MATIDA SATOSHI, Dalian Company General Manager Li Shuming, CIECC Overseas Economic Cooperation Department Director Du Zhenli, General Office Deputy Director Deng Chao, Research Center Deputy Director Wu Wei, Research Center Deputy Director Xu Chengbin, Former Director of International Business Department Yang Weiming, and Business Development Department Director Tang Zhiwei. (Contributed by the Research Center)


Meeting venue


President Wang An meets with Japanese guests


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