CIECC Convenes a Special Meeting for Coordination in Epidemic Control and Work Resumption

On the afternoon of February 25, CIECC held a special meeting for putting into practice the guiding principles of the teleconference for coordination in prevention and control of COVID-19 and resumption of work and production in central enterprises. The meeting was chaired by Party Secretary, Chairman and President Wang An and attended by members of the Party Committee and heads of relevant departments and affiliated enterprises.

CIECC has established a leading group for coordinating epidemic prevention & control and work & production resumption. In the leading group, Wang An serves as head, Niu Xiangchun and Gou Husheng serve as vice heads, while other members of the CIECC Party Committee and heads of relevant departments serve as members. The leading group has set up a general office for coordinating the implementation of relevant work.

Wang put forward the following specific requirements on implementation of the guiding principles of the instructions of the higher authorities. 1. The head office and affiliated companies work to strike a balance between epidemic control and work resumption. Epidemic prevention and control is currently in a critical stage, we must keep vigilant and take a firm and unrelenting approach in further improving the emergency plan on epidemic prevention and control, implement responsibilities, work out concrete measures, ensure work resumption on the basis of gradual restoration of order of production and business operations as well as availability of various supports, and take strict precautions against the risk of epidemic caused by public gatherings. 2. Simultaneous promotion of epidemic prevention & control and work & production resumption. Under the precondition of ensuring successful epidemic control, we should resume work and production in an orderly way, strengthen coordination with upstream and downstream customers, and carry out production and business operations in an all-around way. The epidemic will inevitably have a heavy impact on the economy and society and business operations of the company. In such a hard time, it is all the more important that we approach the development of China and the company from an overall, logical and long-term perspective, Party organizations and members at all levels take the lead, rise to challenges, shoulder our responsibilities and take an active approach to our work, and all employees build up their confidence, be firm in their conviction, turn pressure into motivation and turn challenges into opportunities. 3. Simultaneous implementation of business operations and measures for safety and stability. We should work meticulously and take science-based measures to effectively coordinate and promote epidemic prevention & control and business operations, so as to minimize the impact of the epidemic on business operations. We should take innovative and concrete measures, never relax our efforts, work actively to explore business and coordinate the implementation of key tasks such as the 14th "Five-year Plan" and the "Double-100" reform, etc., enhance publicity and opinion guidance, care for employees, work together as one to surmount all difficulties, and keep in mind the bigger picture, so as to ensure safety and stability of the company, fulfill the goal of the year, and make due contributions to securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects as an intelligence-based central enterprise.

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