CIECC Superior College for Engineers Hosts the “CIECC-Beihang 2023 Doctoral Supervisors Meeting”

On January 8, 2024, the CIECC Superior College for Engineers held the “CIECC-Beihang 2023 Doctoral Supervisors Meeting” at the CIECC Building, engaging in thorough discussions about the joint training of the first batch of doctoral students. Professor Fan Ying, Dean of the School of Economics and Management at Beihang University, and the school’s internal supervisors attended the meeting. The Vice Secretary of CPC CIECC Party Committee Niu Xiangchun, Chairman of the CIECC Superior College for Engineers, Vice Chairman Wu Boyi, company supervisors, and heads of relevant departments were also present. The meeting was chaired by Shi Wei, the President of the CIECC Superior College for Engineers.

Niu Xiangchun extended a warm welcome to Fan Ying and her team, introducing CIECC’s key initiatives in building a leading national think tank and becoming a world-class consulting enterprise, particularly highlighting CIECC’s strengths in the strategic training of superior engineers and the related work undertaken. She noted that Beihang University is a pivotal institution and leader in China’s higher engineering education, and its School of Economics and Management has carved a distinctive path in nurturing diverse, high-quality and innovative talents through the advantages of interdisciplinary integration. Sincere cooperation between the two parties in the cultivation of superior engineers is essential to serve the Communist Party of China, the nation, and to contribute to the high-quality development of the engineering consulting industry. The CIECC Superior College for Engineers is eager to collaborate with Beihang University’s School of Economics and Management in cultivating top decision-making and consulting talents, jointly forging a distinctive training system for strategic superior engineers that combines the features of both a central enterprise and a first-class university.

Fan Ying presented the history and organization of the School of Economics and Management, as well as its recent achievements in discipline construction, faculty development, talent training and research projects. She emphasized that CIECC, as a leading national think tank and leader in the engineering consulting industry, provides top-notch conditions for cultivating strategic superior engineers. The partnership between the two entities is a key initiative to advance the reform of the engineering graduate education system and to promote the strategies of invigorating China through science and education, strengthening the nation with talented individuals, and driving development through innovation. Beihang University will contribute to interdisciplinary integration and innovation with its quality faculty, diverse practical curricula and tailored training programs. Together with CIECC, Beihang aims to create a new type of industry-education-research practice platform.

Following the meeting, the supervisors from both sides engaged in group discussions to delve into the specifics of joint training. They agreed that this new model of combined training should enhance academic exchange and collaborative research to spur the development and innovation of disciplines, thereby contributing intellectual and practical support to China’s scientific, technological and socio-economic progress.

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