China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (CIECC), established for China's investment system reform and for scientific and democratic decision-making, is the largest comprehensive engineering consulting firm in China, involving the greatest variety of industries. As a major consulting service provider for the central government concerning investment and construction projects,CIECC is mandated to help the Chinese government make the best decisions for major national development projects. For 40 years, CIECC has been growing amid warm care from the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and received strong support from various nationalauthorities. It has also been fully trusted by local governments, enterprises, public institutions and allsocial sectors, and had close cooperation with peer organizations. Here, on behalf of CIECC, I wouldlike to express heartfelt thanks to everyone.

Since its establishment in 1982, CIECC has completed a large number of construction projects and development plans that are highly relevant to the national economy and people's livelihood and showcase China's comprehensive national strengths. By doing these, CIECC has made important contributions to the scientifc and democratic decision-making, the improvement of major project distribution, the adjustment of industrial structure, the increase of returns on investment, the prevention ofrisks, the quality of construction projects, and the economic development and social progress in China on the whole.

CIECC gathers top-notch talents for engineering consulting in China, has a large number of high-caliber experts, has formed its own theories, methodology, and service system of engineering consulting, and conducts research in its own areas of specialty. CIECC has always adhered to the principles of being"impartial, scientifc, and reliable" as proposed by former State Councilor Song Ping, followed the guidelines of being "bold to speak up, resourceful in offering advice, and prudent when making decisions",which came from former Premier Zhu Rongji. It pursues practicality, precision, and high effciency,upholds the philosophy of sharing, altruism, and simplicity, and attches the highest value to talents,ideas, and high-quality outcomes.

Think tanks are major manifestations of a country's soft power and they shoulder the mission of promoting the modernization of the national governance system and capacity. As one of them, CIECC will continue to forge ahead with innovations,  strive to establish itself as a new high-end think tank with Chinese characteristics, which is authoritative in China and influential across the world, giving stronger support to China's economic development andsocial progress.

CIECC will maintain and build up its extensive connections and close ties with various government authorities, enterprises, and public institutions; and serve the government and society with high-quality consulting results and policy proposals. It will also maintain and develop its connections with the international community and make active eforts to communicate and cooperate with foreign engineering consulting firms and think tanks.

Again,l would like to thank everyone from home and abroad who has been supporting ClECC over the years.





Gou Husheng 
Chairman of the board , President of CIECC


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