Born as China adopted the reform and opening-up policy, China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (CIECC) has witnessed the process of the country’s decision-making become increasingly scientific and democratic, and has grown together with the modern nation. As the largest comprehensive engineering consulting company in China and a major consulting service provider for the central government concerning investment and construction projects, CIECC is engaged in activities across a wide range of industries.


As a think tank shouldering the great responsibility of providing the Chinese government with services, CIECC is mandated to help the Chinese government make the best decisions on major national development projects. In the past 41 years, CIECC has undertaken more than 110,000 consulting projects with a total investment of 160 trillion yuan. It has provided consulting services concerning major projects, regional planning, industrial policies, and other matters related to economic development and the improvement of people’s livelihoods.


CIECC has been growing under the close watch of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and with strong support from various authorities. It has also been fully trusted by local governments, enterprises, public institutions and all social sectors. Here, on behalf of CIECC, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone.


 “Grow stronger through tribulations and withstand the wind from all directions.” Over the past 41 years, CIECC has always adhered to the principle of being “impartial, scientific and reliable” as proposed by former State Councilor Song Ping. It has remained “bold enough to speak up, resourceful in offering advice, and prudent when making decisions” as advocated by former Premier Zhu Rongji. It has also consistently supported China’s economic and social development.


“By setting sail together, we can ride the wind, break the waves, and brave the journey of ten thousand miles.” With the steadfast support of the central government, CIECC will continue to provide the country with high-quality consulting services. It will strive to become a leading national think tank with global influence, and make further contributions to the realization of the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.







Gou Husheng 
Secretary of CPC CIECC Party Committee
Chairman of the board , President of CIECC


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