CIECC has always attached great importance to the study on the theories and methodology of engineering consulting and the formulation of relevant industrial standards. In over 30 years since its establishment, CIECC has completed a number of research projects and achieved substantial accomplishments either as commissioned by the National Development Reform Commission and various other authorities or at its own initiative. Some of its research results have been issued and implemented nationwide by relevant ministries and commissions, some have been published as academic works, papers, or research reports and widely put into practice; and some others are used internally as business guides, business management systems, or codes of conduct at CIECC to guide and regulate the evaluation and consulting business of all departments and subsidiaries.

CIECC has put the results of its studies on consulting theories and methodology widely into use in its business operations and these results have played important roles in shaping the concepts, theoretical systems, and methodology innovations of the company, reinforced CIECC's leading position in the engineering consulting industry in China, and served as an important guide and example to the innovation-driven development of the engineering consulting industry in China.



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