Over the past 40 years since its establishment, CIECC has completed a series of thematic research projects on engineering consulting and achieved substantial outcomes either commissioned by the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments or on its own initiative.

CIECC is the primary research and preparatory body of industrial standards such as Feasibility Study Guidebook on Investment Projects, and Economic Evaluation Methods and Parameters of Construction Projects. In 2020, it compiled the Professional Analysis and Evaluation Methods and Applications of Engineering Consulting series, which covers 10 major professional fields of engineering consulting. This is the first professional series introducing all kinds of professional evaluation methods for engineering consulting in China, and is an important achievement in building the consulting theory and methodology system in the engineering consulting industry.

Moreover, CIECC actively plans and formulates various business guidelines for engineering consulting and professional think tanks, and conducts research on the innovation of theories and methodology related to engineering consulting. By doing so, it has not only built a leading position and tremendous social influence in the research and formulation of standards in China’s engineering consulting industry, but also spurred the high-quality development of this industry.

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